Generate a Google Sitemap in Minutes

Generate Google Sitemaps with Sitemap Creator.Sitemap Creator from Inspyder is the easiest way to generate perfect sitemaps for Google. It’s simple to use, yet powerful enough to handle complex sites. Sitemap Creator runs on your PC, so there’s nothing to install on your server, no complicated scripts to configure, and best of all, no monthly fees.

Four Reasons to Get Sitemap Creator Today!

Desktop Install

Just download and run! With Inspyder Sitemap Creator there are no special scripts, no databases, and nothing to install on your server.

100% Google Compatible

Say goodbye to sitemap errors! Sitemaps created with Inspyder Sitemap Creator are 100% compatible with Google, Yahoo, Bing and

Unlimited Pages

No page limits and no site limits. One low price lets you create as many Google sitemaps as you need with unlimited pages!

Set It And Forget It

Sitemap Creator’s built-in scheduler can automatically generate your XML sitemap on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. (It even uploads and ping too!)

Why Sitemap Creator?

Simple Licencing That’s Easy To Understand

Click here to learn about our simplified approach to licensing. It’s just one more reason our products are so popular.

No Compromises

Sitemap Creator can automatically create your Google sitemap, upload it to your server, ping, and send you an email notification. Just enter your URL and click Go! Sitemap Creator will automatically crawl your website and you’ll have a complete, accurate Google sitemap in minutes. What could be easier?

Image, Video and Mobile Sitemaps

Sitemap Creator is the only sitemap generator that has intelligent support for Google Image Sitemaps. It can automatically extract the title and caption info from your website’s existing meta data and include it in your image sitemap. Google Mobile and Video sitemaps are supported too!

What is a sitemap and why do I need one?

The world-wide-web continues to grow larger and larger, and it is becoming difficult for the search engines (like Google and Yahoo) to keep their indexes up to date. Google Sitemap files (or “XML Sitemaps”) are designed to help the search engines reduce the number of pages they need to crawl by providing information about your site’s content.

The Sitemap Creator Advantages

Prioritize your Website by Section

Don’t waste time configuring each URL’s priority and update frequency in your sitemap. Using wild cards and partial URLs, Inspyder Sitemap Creator lets you quickly configure entire sections of your site at once.

Accurate ‘Last Modified’ Values

Unlike online sitemap creators, Inspyder Sitemap Creator keeps track of when your content changes, allowing it to automatically populate the correct ‘Last Modified’ date for each URL in your sitemap.

Automatic Search Engine Ping

After automatically creating and exporting your sitemap, Sitemap Creator will ping the search engines for you, letting them know your sitemap has been updated!

Accurate Crawling

Multiple start URLs, domain aliases, exclude/include rules and more enable Inspyder Sitemap Creator to accurately map out your entire site. Say goodbye to missing pages and incomplete sitemaps!

Multiple Formats

Generate standard XML sitemaps, plus Google specific mobile, image and video sitemaps!

Coarse or Fine Grained Configuration

Set your Google sitemap “priority” and “frequency” values by exact URL or by partial match.

Email Notification

When creating scheduled Google sitemaps, configure an email notification so you know what happened.

Integrated FTP, FTPS and SSH (SFTP) client

Automatically upload your Google sitemap from Sitemap Creator!

Visual Comparison

Features Trial Version Full Version
Unlimited Sitemap Size 25 Pages
Valid XML for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client
Automatically Ping Search Engines
Automatically Split Sitemap Files (Sitemaps Larger than 50,000 Pages)
Unlimited Project Configurations
Scheduled Sitemap Generation
Video Sitemaps
Mobile Sitemaps
Image Sitemaps
Email Notification
Priority Technical Support
Cost Per License (Learn More)  Free Only $39.95!

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 or Higher
  • 32-bit and 64-bit supported
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB of available hard disk space