An XML Sitemap can Help your Search Engine Ranking

When a search engine spider (like Google-bot) crawls your website it starts at the root web page and follows the URL links. The spider doesn’t crawl your entire website the first time it visits. It only checks a handful of links and makes a note to return later.

Unfortunately for you and the search engine spider, it doesn’t know how many unindexed web pages remain on your website. It returns, checks a few more web pages, and then leaves again to return later. The bulk of your website could remain unindexed for some time.

Without a Sitemap

How a Search Engine sees your website without an XML sitemap, or an inaccurate, outdated sitemap

To a search engine, your website without an XML sitemap might look something like this. Only a few web pages are indexed, while most remain unknown.

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With a Sitemap

How a Search Engine sees your website with an accurate XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a search engine spider's guide to your website.

A website with an XML sitemap quickly shows search engine spiders which web pages exist, which web pages are important and which web pages have been updated.

An XML sitemap changes all that!

The sitemap allows you to provide search engines with three important pieces of information:

  1. The web pages that make up your website
  2. Your most important web pages, even ones buried deep within your website
  3. Updated and new web pages since the last time the search engine spiders crawled your website

Armed with this information from the XML sitemap, it now becomes possible to index your website much more quickly and accurately. If many web pages have stayed the same on your site, the search engine spiders don’t need to waste time rechecking old pages. With the help of the XML sitemap, the search engine spiders can skip right to your new content and index it faster.

Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the easiest way to create an XML sitemap. Whether you have 200 or 20,000 web pages it is easy to keep your XML sitemap up to date. So what are you waiting for? Download a copy of Sitemap Creator today and give your favorite search engine a helping hand!