Common Sense Licensing

Life is complicated enough; we’ve got simple licensing that’s easy to understand.

1. Everyone Gets The Same Great Price

It doesn’t matter if you’re non-profit, for-profit, a home user or an office user. We believe everyone should get the same great price. We just want to help you get your job done and we want our products to be affordable so that your whole team can use them.

We offer volume discounts for customers who need more than one license of an individual product. We offer bundle discounts to help you save when buying two or more different products at the same time. Both of these discounts are automatically applied when you checkout, so you automatically get the best possible price!

2. No website Size Pricing

You can relax; your website will never out grow your license. Unlike our competitors, our pricing isn’t based on the size of your website or the number of websites you own.

It doesn’t matter if you look after one website, or one hundred websites. The same one-time license cost has you covered.

Check out our Upgrade Policy here.

3. No Subscription and No Recurring Charges

Why rent when you can own? That’s why Inspyder products don’t come with recurring charges or subscription fees. When we release minor updates, they’re always free. Major updates are free for 6 months and upgrading is always optional.

Products that do receive regular updates (Rank Reporter and Backlink Monitor) will receive updates for the life of the product. We include all the tools you’ll need so that when we do stop publishing updates you can continue to do it yourself if you don’t want to upgrade.

4. Use a Single License on up to Two PCs

You can use a single license on up to two PCs at the same time for personal use. That means if you’ve got a home PC and a PC at the office, you’re covered with a single license. The same is true if you use both a desktop and a laptop.

Note 1: Reinstalling does not count toward the two PC limit; you can always reuse your license if you buy a new PC or upgrade Windows.

Note 2: If two separate individuals using the software you are required to buy two licenses.