Google Sitemaps vs. XML Sitemaps

Is there a difference between a Google Sitemap and an XML Sitemap?

Generate Google Sitemaps with Sitemap Creator.The short answer is no, there is no difference between the two formats. We’re often asked whether or not Inspyder Sitemap Creator produces XML sitemaps that are compatible with Google. Yes, Inspyder Sitemap Creator produces XML sitemaps that are 100% compatible with the Google Sitemap format.

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A Pioneered Format

XML sitemaps are often referred to as “Google Sitemaps” because Google pioneered the format and was first to provide wide support. Any XML sitemap (or “Google Sitemap”) that conforms to the specification outlined at is fully compatible with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and any other search engines accepting the standard format. Inspyder Sitemap Creator is one of the quickest, easiest ways to create a comprehensive sitemap that works with Google and friends.

Your XML sitemap provides the same information to any crawler trying to index your website. It tells the search engine spiders which pages are on your website, when the were last updated, and the relative importance to one another. Having an accurate XML Sitemap (Google sitemap) is an important part of any website SEO strategy. If your website doesn’t have an XML Sitemap (Google sitemap) areas of your website may go un-indexed.

You only need to create one Google Sitemap (or XML Sitemap) for your entire site. All the search engines will read the same file. An XML Sitemap (or Google sitemap) to a search engine crawler is like a road map to all the pages on your website. Keeping your Google sitemap up to date is important, just like having an up to date map on a road trip.

So what are you waiting for? If your website doesn’t have an XML sitemap, create one today with Inspyder Sitemap Creator!