Question: When I crawl my backlinks there are more results shown in the “Backlinks” result tab than there are URLs that I’ve entered. Why?

Answer: Backlink Monitor reports on every single backlink it finds, this includes multiple backlinks from a single page. Chances are that some of the pages have multiple backlinks to your site (usually with different anchor text). Backlink Monitor reports on all of these, so you may see more results than actual backlink pages.

Additionally, Backlink Monitor will detect any interlinking between your backlink URLs. This is completely normal and common in most backlink profiles. After Backlink Monitor completes the crawl it will analyze the link structure and mark only working backlinks on the most direct path as “OK”. Other backlinks will be flagged as “Broken Tier/Not Shortest Path” backlinks (refer to the diagram on this page for a visual representation: Backlink Status Explained).