By default Backlink Monitor does not automatically check if your backlinks are indexed. Checking if a page is indexed requires sending a lot of queries to Google and can get your IP address temporarily blocked, so we disable this behavior in Backlink Monitor by default.There are two ways you can update the indexed status:

  1. If you select one or more backlink results, right click and choose “Update Indexed”, Backlink Monitor will query Google to see if the selected backlinks are indexed.
  2. You can enable Backlink Monitor to always, automatically check in the Advanced Project Settings (click the “Wrench” button). Enable the “Always Check Indexed” option on the “Other” tab and Backlink Monitor will automatically query Google for any backlinks which were not previously found to be indexed.

Other important notes:

  • To save time and to reduce the number of queries sent to Google, Backlink Monitor will not check to see if pages that do not have a backlink on them are indexed (i.e. Anything where the status is not “OK”).
  • If a backlink is marked “-” this means it has not yet been checked. “N” means not indexed, “Y” means indexed.
  • We strongly recommend the use of proxy servers if you are planning to check if many pages are indexed.
  • Backlink Monitor caches the indexed status between runs, so if a page is found to be indexed, Backlink Monitor will save time by not rechecking if this page is indexed.