Question: I am seeing “Unrecognized Protocol” errors in the Link Errors section of InSite. What does this mean?

Answer: This error indicates that InSite does not recognize the protocol prefix on this URL. InSite flags this error in case you mistyped the protocol prefix, such as “htp://” (which should really be “”).

InSite recognizes most common internet protocols by default. If you’re using a new protocol on your website that InSite doesn’t recognize, and you don’t want InSite to flag these errors, you can add your new protocol by editing the “protocols.isd” file located in the InSite Program Files directory. You can edit this file with Notepad or any other text editor. (Too technical? Contact support for assistance.)

Feel free to let us know about protocols you feel should be included by default. We’re always working to improve our software.

Note: InSite does not check non-http/https links. Adding a new protocol to the “protocols.isd” file will only cause InSite to not flag these as error during the checking process.