Question: How can I configure Rank Reporter to ignore Google Places listings?

Answer: By default Rank Reporter is setup to match all Google results (regular results, places, etc.). To change this behavior you’ll need to edit the Google search template.

To get started open the Search Template Editor (from the “Settings” menu) and select the Google Template. If you don’t want to change the current Google template you can make a new one and copy the settings from the existing Google template. On your new template, make the following changes the XPath queries:

Title: ./div[not(@data-extra)]/h3
URL: ./div[not(@data-extra)]/h3/a
Description: .//span[@class=’st’]

Now save your changes and try searching again. The “Places” results should be filtered (you can also verify your changes by using the “Test…” button in the top right hand corner of the Template Editor).