Question: Inspyder OrFind misidentifies some of my files as orphans, why?

Answer: If OrFind is misidentifying all your files, please refer to the knowledge base article that pertains to that specific problem.

If OrFind is misidentifying some of your files, than check the following:

  • That the orphaned files are not included through JavaScript (such as rollovers, or links that are generated with JavaScript)
  • That the orphaned files are used by backend code and not referenced by the HTML output (such as an included PHP or Perl script)

OrFind does not process JavaScript and thus cannot follow links that are dynamically generated with JavaScript code. Furthermore, OrFind only looks at the pages returned by your web server. If a file is not referenced through HTML or CSS, than OrFind will not be able to find a link to that file. These two factors are the main causes of false orphans.

Backend files (and other misidentified orphans) can be excluded through the ‘Exclusion List’ (see manual for more information). A shortcut to excluding files can be accessed by right-clicking a misidentified orphan in the results and selecting ‘Exclude Page from Future Crawls’.