Question: My language isn’t supported by InSite. Can I create my own dictionary?

Answer: Version 2.0.4 and newer uses “Affix” format dictionaries. These dictionary files are commonly used by open source spell checkers such as ‘GNU Aspell’.  Creating these dictionaries is not simple and can not be done by end users.

If you have an Affix dictionary file, you can have InSite use it by coping the file to:
C:\Program Files\Inspyder Software Inc\Inspyder InSite\Dictionaries
When you restart InSite it should appear in the Dictionary drop down list.

InSite 2.0.3 and older:
Answer: Yes, it’s possible to create your own dictionary, but we do not provide technical support for this.

InSite dictionary format is a simple text file that contains a list of words for a particular language. You can create or find a word list for your language (it should include all words, words with possible suffixes, and words with possible prefixes). Once you have a word list change the file extension to “.dic” and place it in the InSite dictionary directory:

C:\Program Files\Inspyder Software Inc\Inspyder InSite\Dictionaries

Additional Notes:

  • The dictionary should be encoded with the Windows-1252 (Latin) code page. Languages using non-Latin character sets (such as Cyrillic or Arabic characters) will not work
  • The words in the dictionary can be in any order (unsorted)