If you no longer have FTP access to your website (or any other method of access your website’s content) then Web2Disk may be your only option to create a copy of your website. Ideally you should try to get FTP access so you can copy your website’s files exactly as they are from your old host to your new hosting provider. However is some cases this is not possible.

If you can not get FTP access, Web2Disk can make a static copy of each of your website’s pages. You can use this static copy as a starting point to recreating your website with a new host.

Web2Disk changes the linking structure of your website to make it suitable for offline browsing, and flattens any dynamic content into static HTML. This transformation makes the offline copy of the website not suitable for uploading to a new host. Web2Disk can not copy your backend scripts, SQL database, or other server-side content.

If you are unsure if Web2Disk is right for your needs, we recommend downloading the free trial version of Web2Disk. The trial should give you a good idea of whether or not Web2Disk will meet your needs.