Question: How long will it take to create a sitemap for my website?

Answer: Sitemap Creator’s performance it determined by three main factors:

  1. The size of your site
  2. The speed of your server
  3. The speed of your Internet connection

The largest factor is the size of your website. The larger the website is, the longer it will take Sitemap Creator to discover all the unique pages that need to be included in the sitemap.

The second major factor is the speed of your web server. Sitemap Creator is multi-threaded and extremely fast so it can crawl pages as fast as your server can serve them up. If your web server is slow, Sitemap Creator will be slow. (If you’re looking for ways to optimize your website, start by adding indexes to your underlying database. Slow SQL queries are the source of most performance problems.)

The third factor is the speed of your Internet connection. If your Internet connection is slower than 2Mbps this may be a factor for you. Sitemap Creator has a number of optimization built-in to minimize the amount of unnecessary network traffic when communicating with your server.

If your web server can handle it, you can make Sitemap Creator crawl faster by increasing the number of “Crawler Threads” in Advanced Project Settings. This will make Sitemap Creator ask your server for more pages at the same time.