Question: How does InSite compute keyword/keyphrase density? I have a page that says a phrase has 100% density even though there are other words on the page.

Answer: InSite uses the following formula for keyword/keyphrase density:

  • Keyword Density = ( N/M )*100


  • N is the number of times a particular word/phrase occurs
  • M is the total number of words/phrases on that page

If InSite reports 100% density for a particular phrase (say, 3 words long), then that phrase is the only three word phrase on that page. So the formula: N/M * 100 becomes:

  • 1/1*100 = 100%

A phrase of length 3 is 3 words in a row, not interrupted by: punctuation, formatting, words that are below the minimum length threshold, etc.