Question: My website includes the same header and footer text on each page. How can I get a word count for my website that excludes that information?

Answer: Since every website is different, and everyone’s needs are different, InSite counts every single word on every page. It doesn’t distinguish between menus, the page header, or the page footer.

If you need to exclude this information from the word count, use the following steps to remove it from the site-wide count:

  • First, estimate the number of words in the header/footer of the site.
  • Export the word count data from InSite to CSV format (using the “Report” feature).
  • Open the exported CSV file in Excel.
  • Use an Excel formula to subtract the number of header/footer words from each page’s total.
  • Sum the individual page totals to get a word count for the entire site that does not include the page header/footer.