Question: How can I get OrFind to detect changed files more frequently than once a day?

Answer: It’s possible to get OrFind to check your site more frequently (such as hourly) by manually changing the schedule. The following steps should help:

  1. Schedule your site check-up to run daily through OrFind’s user interface
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel
  3. Click Scheduled Tasks
  4. Find your OrFind task, right-click it and select ‘Properties’
  5. On the “Schedule” set the Start Time to 12AM.
  6. Click the “Advanced” button
  7. Check “Repeat task” ? “Every:” 60 minutes, and set “Until:” Duration ? “23” hours “59” minutes.
  8. Click OK

OrFind should now run every 60 minutes (or as frequently as you’d like) as desired.