Question: I am having difficulty configuring email reports. What should I check?

Answer: Please check the following items if you are having difficulty configuring or sending email reports.

  1. Are you running the latest version of the software? You can check by clicking the blue ‘?’ icon on the main screen, then clicking ‘Look for Updates’.
  2. Did you configure your SMTP server settings? (Click ‘Tools -> Email Settings’)
  3. Does your SMTP server require authentication? If so, have you entered the correct username and password?
  4. Have you entered the correct SMTP server name?
  5. Does your SMTP server use the standard port (25)? If not, you can specify the port number like this:
  6. Did you specify a valid email address for the sender? Many mail servers will reject an invalid sender. The “Test” button sends an email to this address.

If you are still unable to send email reports please contact our technical support via email with a detailed description of your problem.