Question: How does Sitemap Creator handle sites with more than 50,000 pages?

Answer: The sitemap protocol limits the maximum number of URLs per individual sitemap file to 50,000 pages. If your site contains more than 50,000 pages Sitemap Creator can create multiple sitemap files and a “sitemap index”.

When you click the “Sitemap” button in Sitemap Creator the “Create Sitemap” window will appear. Within that window there is a check box labeled “Split Sitemap”. When you enable this check box, Sitemap Creator will automatically split your sitemap into multiple files. The number of URLs per sitemap is specified in the “URLs Per Sitemap” field. (You can adjust this to less than 50,000 if you prefer.)

Sitemap Creator automatically appends a number to each individual sitemap based on the file name you specify in the “Local Sitemap File” field. The sitemap index is saved to the file name in the Local Sitemap File (no changes are made).