Question: Can I use Web2Disk to copy/clone a website, then edit that copy and use it as my own website?

Answer: A website downloaded by Web2Disk is saved as a collection of HTML, image, JavaScript and other files on your PC. It’s possible to edit these files using any HTML editing tools (the copied pages are not stored in a proprietary format). However, the copied version of a website will not have any server-side code that was used to create the pages.

For example: If you’re downloading a blog, you will not be able to log into the backend of the downloaded blog to add new blog entries or to edit old posts. You will just get a “snapshot” of the blog pages in your copied version of the site.

The server-side code is protected by the server and cannot be accessed by end user software like Web2Disk.

Important: Please review and adhere to all copyright restrictions when you intent to download a re-purpose that downloaded content.