Question: Can I copy a website to PDF?

Answer: Despite the name, “web pages” usually don’t format well on printed pages. There are a number of problems that arise when trying to convert an entire website to PDF format:

  1. The website may not format correctly when printed.
  2. Each web page may be multiple paper pages.
  3. Websites are non-linear and there is no logical order to print the pages on the site.
  4. Linking and dynamic elements of the site have no equivalent in the paper version, so “navigating” the website is impossible.

Based on these considerations, Web2Disk does not convert websites to PDF. Instead, Web2Disk maintains the original structure of a website’s files. This allows websites to be copied and viewed through a regular web browser. This maintains as much of the original site’s functionality as possible and is the best way to preserve, copy and share websites.