Question: I only want InSite to spell check some specific page URLs. How can I do it?

Answer: InSite is designed to be given one starting point and then automatically find as many pages on that site as possible.

With that in mind, we can configure InSite to not crawl and configure it to use your URLs as multiple starting points. Try the following:

  • Open the “Excluded Pages” window by clicking the Excluded Pages button
  • Add an entry in Excluded URLs that looks like this: http://*
  • This will tell InSite not to crawl any links (i.e. exclude everything).
  • Click “OK” to close the Excluded Pages list.
  • Click the “Wrench” button to open Advanced Project Settings
  • On the Additional Root URLs tab, add the pages that you want InSite to check (if you have a long list you can copy and paste a list directly into that window by right clicking).
  • Click “OK” to close Advanced Project Settings

Now when you run InSite it will ignore all links except those you’ve explicitly defined as Additional Root URLs.