The world's only multi-tier backlink management software! Tracking your tiers couldn't be easier.

Manage Your Backlinks Like a Pro

Backlink Monitor is the easiest way to track and manage your website backlinks. Just enter your backlink URLs and let Backlink Monitor check the status, anchor text, IP address and PageRank for you. It couldn't be easier. Best of all, Backlink Monitor works with multiple backlink tiers! Stop working hard and start working smart with Backlink Monitor.

How should I use Backlink Monitor?

Backlink Monitor is designed to be used along side your day-to-day link building activities. As you build backlinks you'll paste the new links into the main Backlink URLs list. You always want to be adding to this list (never remove from it directly, except by using the "Remove Dead Backlinks" option). This way, it becomes your master list of working backlinks that have an SEO influence. It becomes particularly valuable during multi-tier link building because it finds and removes broken tiers, so you won't waste time building new links to pages that don't influence your website's ranking.

Backlink Monitor also tracks a variety of link statistics, including IP addresses, "Class C" IP addresses, anchor text and more. Download a free trial today and see it for yourself.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use - Just enter your website URL, your backlink URLs and click "Go". It couldn't be easier!
  • Multi-Tier Backlink Checking - Enter all your backlink URLs and let Backlink Monitor sort out the hierarchy
  • Check PageRank - Backlink Monitor automatically determines Google PageRank for each domain and backlink page
  • Check Indexed Status - Backlink Monitor can also check in Google's index to see if your backlinks are included
  • Low Cost, No Limits - Backlink Monitor has a low one-time cost, no matter how many backlinks you have or how often you use it!
  • Indexing Service Integration - Submit your backlinks to the most popular indexing services directly from Backlink Monitor
  • Scheduled Reports - Configure Backlink Monitor to check-up your backlinks daily, weekly or monthly and email you the results
  • CSV Reports - Export Backlink Monitor's results to CSV for Excel or input into other SEO tools

Essential for serious SEOs

If you're actively engaged in a link building campaign then you need Backlink Monitor. Stop manually tracking backlink tiers and start working smart. Load all your backlink URLs into Backlink Monitor, hit go, and watch it work. Backlink Monitor checks the status then automatically figures out your tiers. It detects which tiers are broken and which pages are unindexed so you can laser focus your link building strategy. You'll never build a backlink you don't need again.

Backlink Monitor also integrates with the industry's most popular indexing services, so you can submit your backlinks with the click of a mouse. No more spreadsheets, no more headaches. Start saving time and saving money today!

Version Comparison

Feature Trial Version Full Version
Unlimited Backlinks 50 Yes
Backlink Visualizer Yes Yes
Import Backlinks from and Yes Yes
Submit Backlinks Directly to Indexing Services Yes Yes
Scheduled Email Reports   Yes
Unlimited Project Configurations Yes
Up to 100 Crawler Threads Yes
CSV Export Yes
Priority Technical Support Yes
Free Minor Updates Yes
Cost Per License (Learn More) Free Only $74.95!

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 or Higher
  • 32-bit and 64-bit supported
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB of available hard disk space