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How to Spell Check a Website

A guide to spell checking a website.

Step 1: Download and Install InSite.

Click here to download InSite. When the download has completed, run the installer file and follow the instructions to install InSite on your computer.

Step 2: Crawling your Website

Run InSite and enter your root URL and click 'Go'. For this example, we'll use ''.

Run InSite and enter a URL to spell check a website.

Step 3: Custom Dictionary

As you can see in the results, a few words that we want on our site have been flagged as misspellings. To remove those 'false-positives' from the results, we'll use InSite's auto-detect feature. Click "Custom Words" from the main tool bar, then click the "Auto-Detect" action. Uncheck any words from the list that are misspellings.

Create a custom dictionary for InSite

Step 4: Fix Spelling Mistakes

InSite can't fix your spelling mistakes automatically, but it can make the job go a lot faster. Right-click a spelling mistake to open the shortcut menu.

  • Select 'Open Page in Editor' to have InSite automatically open the page in your HTML editor.
  • Select 'Copy Word to Clipboard' to have InSite copy the spelling error to the clipboard. This allows you to use the 'Find' feature in your HTML editor to quickly locate the error.
  • Once all the errors are fixed, upload it to your server and select 'Recheck Only this Page' to confirm your edits.
Spell check your website then edit your HTML files directly from InSite

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